The Work-Ordered Day is unique to the Clubhouse model. The clubhouse is a place for our members to work on their recovery plans and a part of recovery is having a purposeful day. The members volunteer to do a variety of jobs that support the workings of the Clubhouse. Every morning people volunteer to work in reception, help in the kitchen and gardens or supports other members in peer interactions. 

The Work-ordered day gives structure and purpose from 8.30am until 3pm to encourage people to be active during the day to mimick business hours of a work place. 

Not everyone gets involved in the Work-ordered day in the beginning. It is voluntary. Some people will benefit from having a structured day and build up to a volunteer role. 

Everyone is encouraged to sign up to the communication course as a starting point. This is a supported class based on discussion and activities. 

Working Coffee

Work-Ordered Day