What’s On @    7 Miller Street, Parramatta Park 

The Junction Clubhouse in Cairns supports people with a lived experience of Mental Illness 


We would love to hear from you!  For more information please phone 40814640 


Come along, meet the team and join in with our activities that support psychosocial interaction, social connections and friendships. Learn new skills, try out work-ordered day activities and share in our daily lunch.  



A. Work-Ordered Day – Come along and take part in working side-by-side with staff to perform the work this is important to The Junction Clubhouse and the community. Includes gardening, café, Lunch preparation, administration, and bike bank 

B. Creative Space – Come along and join in for Art and Create your own masterpiece 

C. Baking Group – Come along and learn baking for our café  

D. Stretch and Relax – Come along and join in our group for gentle exercise and relaxation (and some laughing) 

E. Communication Skills – three levels of communication training available – contact The Junction to find out which level is running 

F. Op-shopping – a fun group day exploring op-shops around Cairns 

G. Bingo – Improve concentration, friendships and so much fun! 

H. Social Recreation – Lunch and friendship out and about in the community – beach, park, lake, garden- limited numbers 

I. All of organisation meeting – come along and help plan the activities at The Junction 

J. Computer are for everyone - come and learn from the beginning

K. Budgeting for your week



New activities being added to meet people’s interests