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Lived experience Mental Illness Support Peer worker

The Lived Experience Mental Illness Peer Worker program (LEMI) provides one-on-one peer support and information to other people who have mental health concerns, the program aims to encourage Peer workers to share their own lived experience of mental illness and recovery providing hope, information and support to others.

Peer workers will be informed about internal and external training opportunities and supports, whilst building on work experience linked to increased opportunities for further employment.

Peer workers will engage with people in the local community who may be at risk of mental health concerns or who find it difficult to access and engage with services.

The LEMI program encourages peer workers to identify an area of interest, develop a researched session plan and deliver a group program based on that interest. This enables peer workers to learn about group facilitation skills, encourage dialogue on managing mental ill health and the sharing of coping strategies, whilst developing user friendly resources. Below are samples of such groups established and facilitated by peer workers.

Wellbeing at the Cairns Botanic Gardens


Mental Health Week 2021 Art Exhibition at Kite Gallery