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Our Services & Programs

Work-ordered Day

The work-ordered day is unique to the Clubhouse model. Having a sense of purpose to our day is the key to a happy & healthy outlook. The Junction Clubhouse is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 3:00pm to give the sense of a regular workday. Our members nominate themselves for tasks to support the function of the Clubhouse. Try your skills in reception, support other members in peer interactions, serve tea & coffee, or prepare food in the kitchen. The choice is yours and we are here to support you!

Social Recreation

The Junction Clubhouse offers social outings on Saturdays each fortnight. This is a way for members and staff to develop rapport outside of the usual Clubhouse setting. Activities include park picnics, beach BBQ’s, lake trips, bowling, movies, dinners, fishing, local markets & festivals, etc.


Creativity Centre

We hold an art and creativity group on Tuesdays from 10:30am. No experience necessary.


Member Outreach

Mental health challenges can cause isolation and difficulties accessing support. Members offer to contact peers if they haven’t been seen for a while (or you can opt-out of this service).


Community Outreach

Hospital admission can be a challenging time for people experiencing mental illness. Our team reaches out to encourage people to find support at The Junction after discharge.

Baking Group

Come along and learn cooking & baking skills for our café.


Stretch & Relax

Join our group for gentle exercise, relaxing and a few laughs.


Communication Skills

Three levels of communication training are available. Contact us to find out which skillset you can join today.



A fun group day exploring op-shops around Cairns.


Weekly meeting

Come along on a Wednesday to plan weekly activities at The Junction Clubhouse.



We have several computers for our members to access. You are welcome to learn how to use these when you visit us.



Learn finance and budgeting skills and tips.

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