Jill wrote: I have a mental illness and don't like to leave the house. What supports can you offer? 

Answer: Hi Jill, i would suggest you start with a worker coming to your home and getting to know each other. If you are happy with this we can then plan for you to set some new goals. 

Hi I am Joy. I heard you have an NDIS art group. I would like to come along and do some painting. 

Answer: Hi Joy. If you give us a call we can get you started.

Good  Morning, my name is Ben. My son is looking for someone to take him out walking, hiking and talking. He is 48 years old. 

Answer: Hi Ben, We have a walking group if you think your son would like to walk with others or we could match him with a worker who loves to walk and talk. 

Sally asked: I have trouble getting my shopping done and keeping my home clean. Can my NDIS support worker help with this?

Answer: Hi Sally. An NDIS worker can help with your shopping and your home cleaning. Do you have any other goals we can help with. Give us a call and we can get you started.

James wrote: I live with schizophrenia and would like to meet other people as I don't know many people. Can you help me with my NDIS supports please?

Answer: We have group supports that sound just the thing for you to meet people. Maybe you would like to drop in to have a look this week and you can start when you feel comfortable. 

Sammy wrote: I am moving into my own unit and i need some help. Can you tell me about your service? 

Answer: Hi Sammy. How exciting. We can meet up and discuss your goals. We can help with all of your independent living needs. We have 'cooking for one' classes and also budgeting workshops. Some people like to start with one worker to help out with the home chores. Give us a call or drop into the office. 

I am Bill. I want to come to the clubhouse on Wednesdays. My friend comes there and said it is fun to see all his friends. I like to work in the garden. 

Answer: Hi Bill, It sounds like you would like our gardening group. They grow vegetables for our kitchen. Give us a call to talk about what you would like to do at The Junction and we can get you started. We cant wait to meet you. 

Trevor asked: I want to play sport. What sport do you offer? 

Answer: Hey There Trevor. You should come along to see some of our physical activities and maybe join one of our teams or groups. We look forward to seeing you soon.