Clubhouse open

with social distancing respected by all.

Mon-Fri 8:30am-3pm

The Junction Clubhouse is a place for people with a lived experience of mental Illness to come along, belong and recover.We are a community of people living with mental illness who support each other in our recovery goals. The Junction is a safe, non-clinical environment. Membership to The Junction has no time limits and support is based on personal goals

Would you like to become a member?

You will have:

1. Lived experience of mental Illness

2. Belief recovery is possible


NDIS or Government funded programs are available

We offer opportunities for friendship, employment, education and purposeful work while understanding that each person has individual needs and goals that may need a variety of supports at different times.


NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching now available 

Our Member Services

NDIS for better mental health

Contact our NDIS office to discuss your needs for NDIS services. 

07 40814640

Social Recreation 

The Junction Clubhouse has Social outings on Saturdays every fortnight. This may be a picnic in the park, BBQ at the beach or a trip to the lakes.

Creativity Centre

The Junction Clubhouse has an art and creativity group on Tuesdays from 10.30am. No experience necessary 

Community Outreach

Hospital admission can be a challenging time for people with mental illness. Our team reaches out to encourage people to find support at The Junction after discharge

Work-ordered day

Having purpose to our day is a key to a happy, healthy day. The Junction is open from 8.30am-3pm to give the sense of a workday - members nominate themselves for tasks to support the functions of the organisaiton 

Member outreach

Mental Illness can cause isolation and difficulties to find support. Members offer to make contact with peers if they havent seen them for a while - or you can opt out of this service


Courage and Kindness are both key to people in recovery and to the community understanding mental illness. Stigma is born out of fear of the unknown. If we respond to that fear with courage and kindness, you become a part of recovery. If we allow fear and stigma, we further add to the illness.  

Leonie Shawcross

Director of Operations


Ready to find out more?

Our members with lived experience are ready to answer your inquiries. As a part of our program, members are working on reception to welcome your call from 8.30am-3pm weekdays. 

Would you like to have a member give you a tour? Book yours today on the office phone number. 

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7 Miller Street, Parramatta Park 4870


07 40814640

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